Sustainable DecisionS – Sustainable Results

We provide our clients with the ability to successfully implement custom sustainability programs. We have a strategic, creative process and thorough project management style. We work with clients’ existing teams to build consensus and forge messaging for the targeted audience.

Strategy and Leadership 
•  Executive leadership coaching for those seeking values-based alignment with business, including
    awareness of environmental best practice benefits and added market value
•  Go-to-market plans for effective marketing communications
•  Thought leadership in defining sustainability strategies and business practices
•  Advising on market use and applications of sustainable materials and renewables, selling the
   concept of technology
•  As an advisor to board and senior management team

•  Organics recycling programs
•  Waste reduction planning, waste/organics audits
•  Creative, writing and brand development

•  Educator on issues related to sustainability and corporate social responsibility
     – Facilitate working groups to educate on applicable issues that impact your business
•  Conference Speaker – Whole Systems Thinking© 
    Key topics: 
      – Sustainability and renewables, a closed loop economy. Industry marketing expert’s
         perspective on biobased materials and cleaner production strategies. 
      – Increasing importance of an infrastructure for expanding organics recycling. 
        An overview of the significant benefits of organics recovery for higher value reuse.