Challenge: Co-develop brand marketing and tagline concurrent with Aspen’s expansion plans and new facility. Originally a contract research company, Aspen needed positioning to support their long-term plans to build a more robust organization with both laboratory and commercial biobased materials manufacturing together in a unified facility to better serve their clients.

Insight: Studied business in depth. Worked with CEO and leadership team to elicit their core vision of their work.

Solution: Created company tagline, press releases and all support materials for Aspen’s initial appearance at NPE, a major industry tradeshow. Work included booth graphics, a custom video, new marketing boilerplate to support the refreshed brand and revised product data sheets – all in a 6-month time slot for a cost effective fee much less than a full service agency.   

“Working with Debra is fantastic. She quickly understood where we came from and where we want to go as we built out new capabilities. She helped implement new brand messaging and created a company tagline that works for our laboratory services, engineering and new materials science capabilities.”
— Greg Patterson, Executive Vice President Aspen Research Corporation